9-Incredibly Useful Website Deserves Place In Your Bookmarks

Prashant Patel
4 min readMay 22, 2023

These Websites Should Come Pre-bookmarked in Every Browser

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Here’s 9 website which can save you time and money.

PDF24 Tools

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There is no better website than PDF24 Tools when it comes to editing and working with pdfs.

It is simple yet one of the giant PDF site with which you can:

  • Edit PDFs without expensive Adobe
  • Access 28 editing tools (merge, split, annotate, add watermark, etc,)
  • It’s free, save money and save time.

Open Library

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It is a free library for everyone, where you can get a free “library card”, and read the book of your choice.

It has millions of books which can be available through digital lending. Just sign up with your email address and get a library card and start reading your favorite books.

12ft Ladder

(Screenshot by Author)

You want to read an article, but there’s a paywall which requires you to have paid subscription? No problem at all.

Just open this website, and insert the URL of that article and boom! It will open up for free. You might be thinking, how does this work?

Simple. All sites have a non-paywall version they send to Google for SEO. Then, 12ft ladder finds the cached, un-paywalled version of the page. Once you copy and paste the URL to 12ft ladder, you’re in.




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