25-Example of Pen Names & Why They Matter More Than You Think

What Is a Pen Name? Why You Should Use One If You’re a Beginner Author?

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A pen name, also known as a pseudonym, is a fictitious name used by an author instead of their real name.

Many authors throughout history have used pen names for various reasons, such as personal preference, privacy, or marketing purposes.

There are several reasons why an author may choose to use a pen name when publishing a book:

  • Privacy
  • Branding
  • Legal or contractual reason
  • Gender or Ethenicity
  • Multiple Genres

Some authors may want to keep their personal lives separate from their writing careers.

Using a pen name can provide a level of anonymity and help protect an author’s privacy.

In many cases, an author writes in multiple genres, they may use different pen names for each genre to avoid confusing readers and to create separate brands for each type of writing. This is the biggest reason many authors prefer to have a pen name instead of their actual name.

Here, I have collected 25 different pen names, along with the genres they might be associated with:

  1. Ava Peterson — Romance
  2. Blake Anderson — Thriller
  3. Madison Grant — Mystery
  4. Owen Tate — Science Fiction
  5. Lia Thompson — Horror
  6. Phoenix Reed — Fantasy
  7. Dylan Myers — Western
  8. Isla Rhodes — Historical Fiction
  9. Jasmine Patel — Memoir
  10. Levi Cooper — Young Adult
  11. Ruby Alvarez — Romance
  12. Gabriel Cruz — Mystery
  13. Zara Harrison — Science Fiction
  14. Lucas Foster — Horror
  15. Nova Banks — Fantasy
  16. Wyatt Davis — Western
  17. Molly Crawford — Historical Fiction
  18. Tristan Hayes — Memoir
  19. Eden Martinez — Young Adult
  20. Claire Woods — Romance
  21. Cole Johnson — Thriller
  22. Scarlett Carter — Mystery
  23. Hunter Lewis — Science Fiction
  24. Raven Black — Horror
  25. Finn Nelson — Fantasy

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