4 Things I failed To Achieve In January 2024

And Looking Forward to Try Harder to Build Better Habits

Prashant Patel
6 min readFeb 14, 2024

As we all know, various good habits are the key to lead us toward successful life. When we talk about habits, one thing must be very straight forward that not all habits are good and vice versa.

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I am not the person who loves making resolution at the very beginning of the year.

In fact, I think if you want to make any resolution, make it right away, whenever that thought crosses your mind. Because, it’s very easy to postpone difficult things and it’s very difficult to prepone hard things which can eventually give you good results.

In this article, I am going to focus on few activities which I thought I would almost perform everyday. But, the first month of 2024 wasn’t collaborative at all.

However, I still have more than 10 months to successfully achieve positive results by strengthening my habit building game.

Here are 5 things I failed to bring to fruition and I will constantly try to improve without looking back:

Reading More📘

I had a goal of reading more books in January, but I failed to achieve it.



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