5 Free Tools Where I Promoted My Medium Stories To get More Than 5K Views

Explore the Art of Strategic Promotion and Boost Your Medium Stories with Proven Tools and Tactics.

Prashant Patel


These are my stats of month January ’24 for the stories I have posted in past.

Suppose, you have finished writing a story and have hit the publish button.

The story instantly got curated and eventually Medium features it.

All your email subscribers got a notification and they started to read it.

Few hundreds or thousands of readers have started reading your story, clapping it, and commenting on it.

Suddenly, you wake up in the morning to see thousands of reads and hundreds of hours of read time from Medium members and Friend of Medium.

You might feel like hugging your computer screen at this point of time. That is the goal for you, right? and that’s why you have been writing and posting on medium constantly upto this point.

But, to reach that stage, you might have to do some legwork to bring in those extra readers because Medium will not care much about boosting your each and every article.

Medium is a vast ocean of stories, and getting your piece noticed amidst the waves can be a daunting task.

In this article, I’ll share my journey of promoting Medium stories using 5 free tools that not only boosted my views but also connected me with a wider audience.

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X (Formerly Know as Twitter) — A Powerful Ally

How X Can Amplify Medium Stories,

X ot Tweeter isn’t just for memes and updates; it’s a powerful tool for writers. But, using X on daily basis is not everyone’s cup of tea. For someone like me, having less than 100 followers in X, a tweet might be less than a drop in an ocean.

Here, I am trying these steps to get more attention on my posts-
1. Like any other platform, it wants you to be consistent with your updates.
2. Scheduling my tweets, a week in adcvance.
3. Using right and relatable hashtags.
4. Engage with…



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