Don’t Miss Out on These 8 FREE Google Courses to Dominate AI!

Empower Your Future with Google’s Comprehensive AI Learning Pathways.

Prashant Patel
3 min readSep 11, 2023

Still thinking where to begin your journey towards learning or creating AI tools such as ChatGPT or Midjourney Image Creator?

Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of AI without spending a dime?

Look no further!

Google is offering 8 FREE courses that will help you master the art of AI.

Yes, you heard that right. It is completely free of cost and that too with the help of experts in the industry.

Whether you’re a beginner or an AI enthusiast, these online resources are your ticket to unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence.

Follow along and I will provide you with the links for each courses. (Completely non-affiliated, no earnings at all for me with these links!)

Introduction to Generative AI

  • This is an introductory course to explain what generative AI is.
  • You will be able to defferentiate machine learning and AI.
  • You will have a brief understanding of how AI is used.



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